Spring 2021

Silicon Valley Scale is an immersion into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, designed to fast track you and your business. Join a select cohort of tech for good founders, gain insight from globally-known founders and investors and implement that wisdom into your professional journey.

Silicon Valley Scale is an immersive growth programme for tech for good leaders

The programme offers unprecedented access to the executives, investors, advisors and founders behind some of the biggest brands on the planet. Strictly limited to a select cohort of founders and CEOs, delegates will sit down with globally-known founders, investors and innovators, who will share insight on growth and leadership.


How do you go from startup founder to global CEO? We will explore the changing trends of leadership and prepare you for success as you scale. Inclusive pre-sessions will prepare you for Silicon Valley culture, and optional curated aftercare sessions will continue after the programmes ends.


We arrange meetings with our network of venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators, global companies and startups. As a delegate, you will meet, engage and learn from some of the biggest names and brands in tech, as they share their insights on growth and leadership.


Silicon Valley Scale is one of the most selective tech for good programmes in the UK. This exclusivity ensures peer-to-peer learning and intimate meetings and workshops – invaluable to the programme.

Companies previously visited

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  • ebay
  • Uncork Capital


Our alumni are among the most innovative and exciting entrepreneurs in the country, including the largest Series A funding round secured by a Scottish digital tech company and over £56m total investment to date.

“The biggest outcome was attitude and mindset. This programme gives you a very different perspective on whats possible and the attitude towards achieving that.”
Chris McCann – Current Health
Chris McCann headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate
“If you are thinking of doing business or raising investment in California, this is THE programme to be on. You won’t be disappointed. It resulted in me pitching to Sequoia, arguably the most successful VC in the world.”
Cameron Graham – StoriiCare
Cameron Graham headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate
“A truly once in a lifetime opportunity. The advice was incredible and you will be challenged on an hourly basis. It has allowed me to be a better leader and I also have a group of fellow startup founder friends for life. What else could you want?”
Tarryn Gorre – Kafoodle
Tarryn Gore Headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate
“The FutureX programme was a massive inspiration to me in general, especially on the topic of thinking big. I was left with a huge change in mindset and a definite drive to take make business worldwide.”
Scott Weir – Pillow Property Partners
Scott Weir headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate

Sam Coley

Co-founder & CTO


Sam Coley headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate

Loral Quinn



Loral Quinn headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate

Andrew Parfery

Founder and Director

Care Sourcer

Andrew Parfery headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate

David Hunter

Founder & CEO

Shot Scope

David Hunter headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate

Heidi Roizen

Partner in Threshold (invested in: Tesla, Twitter and Skype)

“The FutureX programme allows for leading entrepreneurs to have direct contact with potential business development partners, investors and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley – access that individual entrepreneurs would find almost impossible to arrange on their own.”

Applications opening soon for 2021

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