RTW Studios, Edinburgh, UK

Come and hang out with your local community of entrepreneurs and business leaders at the next FutureX Social. We’ve got drinks, we’ve got pizza, we’ve got great chat – we just need you.

Every few months, we open our cosy studio in Leith, Edinburgh and send out an open invitation to our network.

FutureX Socials are designed to foster a sense of community, ideal if you’re looking to make new connections or catch up with existing ones in a relaxed setting. We provide food and drinks from some of our favourite local suppliers so you can cross dinner off your to-do list – we’ve got it covered.

We’re big fans of exchanging knowledge, so we host themed panels at each of our socials. Our wonderful guest panellists are prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders, ready to share the top tips they’ve learned along the way. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the next FutureX Social.

Previous panellists

Celia Hodson


Hey Girls

Celia Hodson headshot

Andrew Dobbie


Made Brave

Andrew Dobbie headshot

Rob Gelb



Rob Gelb headshot

Darina Garland



Darina Garland headshot

Andrew Parfery

Co-founder & CEO

Care Sourcer

Andrew Parfery headshot - Silicon Valley Accelerate

Marie Owens


LS Productions

Marie Owens headshot

Jen Munro

Founder and Managing Director


Jen Munro headshot

Natalie Novick



Natalie Novick headshot

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