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Silicon Valley Scale 2020 cohort: Rebecca Bonnington

Using tech to democratise business coaching and training

Each year, we take a select cohort of tech for good leaders to California where we immerse them in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. In this series, we sit down with founders and business leaders selected for Silicon Valley Scale, learn more about their entrepreneurial journey and how the programme will prepare them for success as they scale. 

Rebecca Bonnington - SVS20 Cohort

Every business owner knows the hours of sweat, blood and tears that go towards making their venture succeed. For those navigating the business world for the first time, the process can be overwhelming.

As a business coach to some of the largest corporates and high-growth companies for the past 20 years, Rebecca Bonnington knows what an organisation needs to fulfil its potential and increase its worth. She believes that value is the reward for the sacrifice required to succeed.

Throughout her career, Rebecca saw one glaring gap: you can’t realise your business’s value if the expertise you need is inaccessible. For many startups and early-growth organisations, the barriers to the information they need is a reality.


Over a cup of coffee in 2018, Rebecca and her soon-to-be co-founder, Nick Davies, pulled apart this problem. At the heart of this inaccessibility – the barrier to quality coaching and training – is the limited finance available to early-stage and small organisations. The little funding to go around is spread thin: business leaders have to make priorities, and investing in learning often falls far down that list – or falls off altogether.

From this a-ha moment, Tricres was born. An app and online hub, Tricres democratises business coaching and training and aims to improve the workplace for everyone. The company puts high-value growth knowledge and expertise directly into the hands of those entrepreneurs who want to create something bigger than themselves.

“I am passionate about seeing people and business fulfil their potential, most business owners work so hard, sacrifice so much and deserve to be rewarded. Tricres is a way to do that at a price everyone can afford.”

Rebecca Bonnington, CEO, Tricres

Tricres is breaking down the barriers to the expertise small businesses need to succeed. “Making up 99% of all companies in the UK, SMEs rule the market – and most have sights set on growth without having to spend a fortune on consultants,” she says.


The app is also an opportunity for founders to access expertise anywhere in the world. “Success to me is seeing a business owner in the Himalayas, using the Tricres models and frameworks to grow the value of her business,” Rebecca says.

As Tricres looks towards this international market, Silicon Valley Scale is a perfect opportunity for Rebecca to access knowledge and resources from those who have blazed the trail. “Going to the source of the tech revolution will be eye-opening,” Rebecca says. “I believe in modelling the best. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when someone has already proved a successful methodology or process: you just need to put your personality and spin on it!”

Rebecca will join a select cohort of tech for good founders in Silicon Valley in April 2020, where they will access potential investors, gain best practice knowledge and meet business people leading the way with the latest innovations in technology.

“I’m looking forward to experiencing the energy, the positivity and the broad horizons. I’d love to be able to find an investor or mentor too, that would be the icing on the cake!”

Rebecca Bonnington, CEO, Tricres

Behind the scenes with Rebecca

What advice do you have for an aspiring entrepreneur?

Starting a business can be daunting, but there’s no point in hesitating and waiting until the water is warm. When you hesitate, you lose momentum and miss opportunities. Take the plunge: the answers will unfold as you move forward. 

When you know what you want to achieve, there’s no point in speculating on what might happen. Take intelligent guesses, take calculated risks; the present looks distorted through a crystal ball!


Are you interested in how you can meet the founders, innovators and investors behind some of the world’s largest tech businesses? Silicon Valley Scale is an immersive growth programme for tech for good leaders. Applications for the 2020 programme are open now!

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