Future Business Forum | Inside FutureX / August 5, 2020

Reflecting on FBF20

On Wednesday, 24th June 2020, we opened the virtual doors to transformation and growth leaders from across the world for the inaugural Future Business Forum – and what a day it was!

With over 200 attendees and 20+ speakers, FBF20 was the place for those shaping the business landscape of tomorrow. Together, we explored how an innovative mindset, human leadership and compassionate company culture will set companies of all sizes up for success in the future of work.

Innovation and transformation are essential for all businesses. Traditionally, these discussions are centred in boardrooms and expensive corporate events – but it’s not just large businesses that are shaping the future of work. That’s why we created Future Business Forum: to bring companies of all shapes and sizes together to share knowledge and create a resilient, sustainable and human-centred business landscape. 

If you’ve been following what we do at FutureX for a while now, you know that we’re big believers in transparency and accountability. Only in reflection can we improve – so, after each of our events, we take time to celebrate our triumphs, reflect on the challenges and see how we can grow in the years to come.

4/5 Attendee rating
100% would attend again

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A whole new world

We don’t have to remind you that 2020 has been a strange year! Overnight, the events industry was turned upside down and virtual conferences became the norm – but we always planned for Future Business Forum 2020 to be an online event. 

In an increasingly digital and connected world, virtual events create a host of opportunities. Barriers to attending – including travel, cost and accessibility – dissolve. Geography is no longer a limiting factor, with attendees and speakers joining us at FBF20 from around the world and, with less travel, no stage sets and zero materials used, our carbon footprint quietened to a tiptoe. 

As the pandemic eases its grip and we reintroduce IRL events, we’re committed to retaining these carbon-cutting elements while keeping up our international speaker base and audience.

85% UK
15% international

With one virtual summit this year already under our belts, we knew what our audience wanted: live sessions and networking opportunities – and lots of them!

We broke up the live agenda with virtual networking. Held in Remo, our audience connected via video chat with like-minded people. There, attendees, speakers and partners came together to meet and share ideas, joining themed discussions around leadership, innovation and culture.

For future events, we’ll work to include even more live content and networking into the schedule to keep our audience engaged throughout the day.

Accessibility and Inclusion

We live in a diverse world, bursting with varied life experiences and stories. Reflecting and empowering this global community is a privilege – so we work hard to create an inclusive and accessible space for all.

Barriers that physical events present, from lack of wheelchair access and hearing loops to financial constraints, disappear as people join from the comfort of their home and don’t have to travel. We also offered bursary tickets and held a ticket giveaway.

As we reintroduce physical events into our calendar, we’re committed to incorporating these accessibility benefits of virtual conferences. We know that going digital won’t overcome all barriers – not everyone has stable internet access, and many people juggle work and childcare – so we’re excited to explore hybrid virtual and IRL events in the future.

The international business community is as diverse as the world we live in, and we have a responsibility to make sure our events are open and inclusive to all. Not only does diversity fast-track innovation, but Future Business Forum must also reflect all members of our global network. 

However, with just 9% of speakers identifying as BAME and 31% as women, FBF20 was not representative of the diversity of experiences in the global business community. We can – and must – do more.

31% Women

Since FBF20, we committed to working towards 30% of our speakers identifying as BAME, amongst other initiatives to improve our diversity, at all of FutureX’s events. We’ll also be including more sessions around equality, diversity and inclusion in future events as they should be key topics of conversations for all businesses – now, and in the future.

The future of FBF

Future Business Forum is a movement of innovators and growth experts who are passionate about shaping a compassionate, human-centred and ambitious future of business. After a hugely successful first year, we’re so excited to build on this momentum and deliver Future Business Forum’s message across the world. 

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for next year! Until then, we’ll take what we’ve learned, build and grow. If you’d like to support or join us in our mission, please get in touch! 

See you at FBF21!

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