Inside FutureX / December 11, 2020

Hopeful New Year

We’re not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet but… it’s been quite a year. 

In normal times, any one of Brexit, the BLM movement, a hugely divisive U.S election or a global pandemic would have been by far the biggest talking point of the year. In 2020, they each acted like the latest plot twist in a scarcely believable Hollywood movie. If 2020 used to be shorthand for ‘seeing things clearly’, in future it will be shorthand for ‘OMG WHAT THE HELL IS COMING NEXT!?’. 

At FutureX, we came into the year full of optimism and we’re delighted to say we’ll be leaving it feeling the same. In between though, quite frankly, it’s been a rollercoaster.

We’ve had some incredible highs – launching and growing our community for purpose-led businesses, FutureX Plus; hosting the first edition of our newest event, Future Business Forum; successfully taking Startup Summit and Impact Summit online with our best lineups ever; and massively growing our audience internationally.

We’ve also faced some of the biggest challenges in our history – cancelled events, pivoting the business, enforced remote working, stress, worry and a ridiculous amount of hard work.

We wanted to take a second to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s been with us throughout this craziest of years – our community, attendees, partners and everyone reading this right now! We’re so incredibly grateful for your support and we couldn’t have done it without you. We’re fully aware that so many others – in our network and around the world – have had it so much harder than us, and we hope that we’ve helped in some way too.

From everyone at FutureX, we hope you get a well deserved break and a chance to catch up with your loved ones over the holiday period!

Stay safe and see you in 2021 (hopefully it’s a bit more boring next time around!)

Paul McMillan

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Paul McMillan

Head of Operations