Inside FutureX / November 12, 2020

Good news

Good News is coming

Remember good news? As in, news that isn’t bad, isn’t horrible, isn’t terrible? News that doesn’t make you want to sob a wee bit or throw something at the TV. News that isn’t just a tiny nugget of fluffy goodness designed to distract you from the real news which is actually totally dreadful.

Yes, real old fashioned GOOD news. Let’s face it, 2020 has not been a year bursting full of it. But in the last week there’s been a couple of stories that have really lifted our spirits and given us a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Firstly, we had the U.S. elections, which saw everyone’s favourite South Ayrshire Golf club owner lose to Joe Biden (OR DID HE? Yes. Yes, he did), but not before surprising pollsters by causing a big scare, and briefly threatening to become the bad news cherry on the 2020 cake of sadness.

In the end, while the eventual result was the one we’d hoped for, it’s a little frustrating that the overriding feeling is one of relief that Trump is out, rather than any real excitement around Joe Bi… Actually, forget that! Trump’s gone! Let’s party! 

In all seriousness, we’re hopeful that the election result heralds a move back towards truth, unity and compassion, and are hugely encouraged by the presence of the excellent Kamala Harris, who will break four glass ceilings in one when she becomes the first female or African American or Asian American or Caribbean American U.S vice president. That alone is grounds for optimism! 


Moving away from politics and hastily back to safer ground, the second piece of good news came with the announcement that a Covid vaccine may be within reach. If all goes to plan, this brings “a potential end to a pandemic that has killed more than a million people, battered economies and upended daily life worldwide”, something so objectively great that surely absolutely everyone will be celebrating! Oh

While it’s maybe still a little too early to count our chickens (or in 2020 lingo, sell your stocks in Zoom) just yet, a big ol’ dose of good news was just what we needed as we head into the winter months.

There’s still some tough times ahead, but maybe the tide is starting to turn.

Paul McMillan FutureX

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Paul McMillan

Head of Operations