Event / March 26, 2019

FutureX Social: Global Mindset

On Wednesday the 27th February, we hosted our “Global Mindset” FutureX Social down in our Leith studio. 

FutureX Social panel

Here’s what we learned.

We love doing these socials, where we get to connect our local community of bright minds and create a unique space for knowledge sharing through our topical panels. For our first panel of 2019, we were thrilled to welcome Marie Owen, CEO and founder of LS Productions, Natalie Novick, Research Editor at Tech.eu and our own co-founder, Bruce Walker

Our three panellists brought with them an incredible wealth of knowledge. Marie Owen’s LS Productions is now the largest stills and motion production company in the UK, with offices in Edinburgh, London and New York. Natalie Novick, who is from the US, has studied startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems all over the world. Bruce Walker works with a global network of entrepreneurs and has hosted summits in Europe, Asia and the USA. 

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Here are our three key takeaways from the Global Mindset panel.

Letter 1 A global mindset starts right here

When it comes to building out your worldwide network, it doesn’t need to start thousands of miles away. Natalie Novick emphasised how many events and groups exist across Scotland and the UK. Your bubble might keep you in a certain corner of the city or running in the same circles, but who knows what connections or ideas could be waiting for you just around the corner.

Natalie said: “Something I would really like to improve here is the communication within the country. Glasgow should talk more with Edinburgh, with Newcastle, with the rest of the country. This will help build and grow SMEs.”

Letter 2 Nobody can go global alone 

With every industry moving fast and changing even faster, you never know when your connections will be instrumental to the success of your business. With that in mind, Natalie said: “Give, give give, then ask.” Bruce backed her up, saying: “The idea of giving first is so important! Go out there, meet people and start building meaningful relationships with people rather than just exchanging business cards.”

When it comes to your team, keeping them in the loop for your long-term vision is also crucial. Marie said: “You can’t expect them to see the big picture if you don’t paint it. Too many CEOs keep secrets from their staff.”

Letter 3 Basically, believe in it

It may sound like a cliche, but our panel was proof of where belief in the possibilities can take you. For Bruce, who founded WeAreTheFuture in a Bridge of Allan classroom, and Marie, who created LS Productions around her kitchen table, the simple belief that it was possible was fundamental.

“The naivety of youth brought me so much, and this is something we should tap into more,” said Bruce. For Marie, it was a case of believing that no one was doing it better. Between them, Bruce and Marie have worked with brands such as Virgin, Vogue and Diageo. The message: believing in what you do is the strongest foundation of a global mindset.

Huge thanks to Natalie, Marie and Bruce for sharing their insights with us. If you joined us at the FutureX Social, we would love to hear your thoughts! Make sure to follow us across all social channels on @FutureXGlobal and use #FutureXSocial to share your impressions. 

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