FutureX Plus / February 23, 2021

Adam Bastock recommends…

This month’s recommendations come from one of our newest members, Adam Bastock, Founder of Small99 and SEO expert!

📚 Read
Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley – anything by him is great. It breaks down business into a framework which you quickly start to see everywhere once you understand it.

🎧 Listen
The Inquiry – BBC World Service – Short, no-nonsense summaries of complex issues going on in the world. It highlights the nuances of stories like recycling, palm oil and other topics that can often get lost in the noise.

🕺 Use
Loom – I’ve started to ditch emails and just record myself to explain things in half the time. 
Keywords Everywhere: a Chrome plugin which shows you more related searches. It helps me understand who is searching, and why.It highlights opportunities and understanding of users that is otherwise hidden.

💌 Subscribe
I’ve recently culled my inbox as it was getting overwhelming. For work the Moz Top 10 has made the cut, which distills monthly SEO news down into a digestible 10 articles.

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Adam Bastock, Founder of Small99 and SEO expert

Adam Bastock


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