Our story

Everyone has a story to tell. Here’s ours.

Our founders, Bruce and Zoi, know that business must play a fundamental role in the transformation of the economy for the better. Their individual entrepreneurial journeys have made them passionate advocates for the worldwide values-led movement in their own right – and even more so together.

Zoi grew up in Greece, where the financial crisis of 2007 focussed her attention on the crucial role that business has on society. She has since dedicated her career to building organisations that support purpose-driven entrepreneurs across the world.

Bruce started his first business when he was just 17, creating large-scale entrepreneurship summits across the world, while developing an international outlook on entrepreneurship and its potential.

Aligned in their vision of a world where business tackles the most pressing issues of our time, Bruce and Zoi combined their expertise, networks and passion for impact to create FutureX. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, FutureX are part of the growing movement towards a more sustainable, socially-conscious global economy.

Empowering the purposeful

Our values
Our values